Chosen Proteins
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          The proteins used in this screen have been preselected in respect to their expression and sub-cellular localisation. Proteins expressed in nervous system and proteins that localise on plasma membrane, cytoskeleton and golgi were chosen. Out of 1000 proteins available, 35 cytoskeletal, 31 Golgi, 22 plasma membrane and 17 proteins that localize on both plasma membrane and Golgi were chosen. To see complete list of proteins tested and their localisation follow this link.

          Neuritogenesis begins when extracellular cues activate plasma membrane receptors which in turn engage a number of membrane and cytoplasmic proteins into large complexes which transduce the signal further into the cell. This is the earliest event, the first impulse, which triggers neurite initiation. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that choosing neuronal proteins that localise on plasma membrane would increase likelihood of identifying candidate proteins involved in very early steps in neurite outgrowth. Activation of intracellular signal transduction pathways triggers changes in cytoskeleton. Actin cytoskeleton rearranges to promote initial breakdown of symmetry and microtubules provide stabilisation for growing neurite. Hence, neuronal cytoskeleton proteins were chosen. The growth of neurite from the cell body involves increase in cell surface area. This is accomplished by the incorporation of golgi derived vesicles into the plasma membrane. Incorporation needs to be specifically intensified and oriented to a particular small region of the plasma membrane that would become the growing tip of the neurite. It is expectable that by choosing neuronal golgi proteins regulators of neurite growth could be identified.