Hypothetical network involved in NGF mediated neurite outgrowth

proteins labelled in red are the ones identified in the screen as effectors of neurite outgrowth.
proteins labelled in blue are the ones derived from the literature and not tested in the screen.
proteins whose function is unknown are indicated in the black circles with their Swissprot ID. They are mapped in the network based on their localization and the overexpression phenotype.
Q9H0H6, Q4VBK6, Q69YW2 and Q96PE5 induced the similar phenotype as Cdc42 overexpression therefore they might operate in actin cytoskeleton regulatory module.
Q9H0V5 induces an increase in the number of neurites per cell and it is localized to the plasma membrane.
Q9Y4P9 and Q9H0Q7 block neurite outgrowth upon overexpression similarly like EB2 or KAP3 overexpression and localize to microtubules for these reasons they might operate in microtubule regulatory module.
Q9H083 and Q9BQJ4 localize to the golgi, plasma membrane and dynamic vesicular structures that are forming during neurite outgrowth seen by time laps microscopy, additionally their overexpression blocks neurite outgrowth, thus we imagine they could operate in vesicle traffic regulatory module.

All proteins in the pathway are active links which you can click to see the effect of that proteinsí overexpression on neurite outgrowth. By clicking on the arrows that connect the proteins in the pathway you can get the relevant literature that establishes that link.